Where has the week gone?

Seriously. I blinked and it's Saturday already, and I've missed a blog post last week. *sigh*

I'm going to blame Inktober starting. I've decided to use the dare this year as an excuse to level up my graphic design skills, and so far it's been going well. Familiarity with the tools is so important, and while I can now draw straight on my computer screen, it's not as tactile as fabric and thread -- or even drawing traditionally.

There's been progress though, and it's been really good for me to commit to drawing every day. How else is anyone supposed to get better? I'm still not to the level of some of the artists I admire, but maybe by the end of the month ;)

Anyway, there's more to come -- including a dragon-kitty once I get around to finishing him. For now, have a cute digital kitty.

Inktober day 3 -- Bait

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